Lessons learned through snowball fights to take out your competition.

Snowball fight


Mike Phibbs

With the onset of winter snow storms throughout the country it seems like a good time to relate throwing snow balls to beating your competition. Any senior business executive should reminisce to their youth and remember the life lessons learned while pounding their competition with snowballs.

Clearly knowing and understanding the capabilities of your product and services is as important as knowing what type of snow is on the ground.  If you take a wide open look at the scene you miss the opportunities and threats therein. Your product has to be right just as the snow must be right in order to make a snowball. Too little humidity when the snow was formed and the flakes don’t stick together. They simply fall apart. It is the right balance of temperature, water vapor, and humidity that create the right conditions for the perfect snowball to nail your enemy. Likewise, your product must be in the right market, price point, and fill a need that your completion can’t that sets you apart.

Now, you pack your snow together and form a nice snowball. Do you want to focus on quantity or quality? How much time do you have to strike?  What are your competitors vulnerabilities? Where do you need to hit them to take them out? Can a surgical snowball strike to the job or a mass attack be required? If you have many targets and want to dominate your competition you may want to go for quantity and overwhelm them with shock-and-awe. However, if you have a specific target, a niche, then you want to go for a quality snowball. You want them to be rocked by the impact of the snowball. Also, if you have a niche market, you want to beat your competition with a quality product that they cannot compete with. If you have time to assemble a vast array of snowballs you can go for quantity and quality, but most do not have that luxury. Make up your mind early and build your business, and snow balls, around most effective projectile you can afford at the right place and time and quality that meets your needs.

Don’t throw your snow balls directly at your competition. If you through your snow ball straight at them, plan to run away fast because you will have failed miserably. Your competition is not standing still and you have to anticipate where they will be when your snow ball product strikes. You must learn how to lead the target. Understand the weather, also known as market conditions, to see which way the wind is blowing. Will the wind move your snow ball faster, slower or side-to-side of your target?  Adjust your aim and determine if a nice lob or high pitch shot to the body will be best. If you took the quantity route then you have extra snowballs that can miss and still amass maximum destruction on your competition. If you went the quality route you must use precision. You only have a limited number of shots, but when they hit target they are sure to have a knockout blow. If you fail then prepare to pull the snow out from the back of your jacket and hoodie.

Today every organization is trying to make the knockout blow to their competition. By remembering the basic survival skills we all learned throwing snow balls at our neighborhood competition we relearn the basic skills to take out our competition of today. For more in-depth ideas go through snow balls at your neighbors kids and the instinct to survive will instantly re-appear.

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